(800x600, high color)

so... you made it huh, well i hope you like what you see.

  "And now that I'm running my life support equipment through Windows 95,
I'll never have to worry about-- beeeeeeeep..."

Wanna know more about Outlaws, a really cool game i must say, well then click below

Don't like games well, lets try this

or maybe

no doubt's gwen stefani

and if your in the mood for a cool poem, heres a good one by Sir Henry Newbolt

need one more poem to help ya smile, then click the happy face

Need something to spice up your desktop?



ok ha ha, ever know of any one who was really, really obsessed with something,

well... my friend here would probably go past that, so check out his Tori Amos page,

besides, :) its a good excuse to put another nice looking pic on my page

and.. the ever popular always changing, always updated, usually sarcastic, immoral,
unethical, and degrading site of Blue Dragon, aka puff..

puff the magic dragon, hahaha

do you have ICQ?, if ya don't get it if ya do my #'s 3929930


10mb of web space for free, really, honest, im not joking

can you believe it another guest-book to sign, but since your here it would be a waste

if ya didn't sign it so.. SIGN IT, :)

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